Rainbow Loom - Surprise Loomi-Pals

$ 4.99

Loomi-Pal Charms are collectible Charms for your Rainbow Loom Bracelets. Each package includes 30 randomly pack Loomi-Pal Charms. Kids can keep track of Charms they have collected and the Charms they have yet to find with the charms list in the instruction manual. Loomi-Pal Charms promote kindness and interaction between children and their friends as they work together to collect all the different Loomi-Pals. Kit includes 200 colorful rubber bands, 30 assorted Loomi-Pals, 40 G-Clips, and 1 Finger Loom

  • Rainbow Loom Cylinder Surprise includes Finger Loom, 30 Loomi-Pal Charm, 200 Bands, 40 G-Clips
  • Uncap a new surprise each time to collect all 164 different charms!
  • The Rainbow Loom Finger Loom is an easy tool to create a variety of rubber band bracelets
  • Customize your bracelet with a variety of Loomi-Pals Charms
  • Loomi-Pal Charms promote kindness and creativity