Caring for Earth

$ 16.99

A kid-friendly primer on caring for the Earth and living in harmony with nature. Inspired by the natural world, Ultimate Spotlight: Permaculture shows children how creating an environment that resembles the way plants and animals interact in the wild benefits everyone. Turn a page to reveal a pop-up of a multi-layered orchard, lift a flap to see how compost is made, and rotate a wheel to observe a tree's transformation as the seasons change.

• Flaps! Pull-tabs! Pop-ups! Lots of interactive and moveable parts

• Detailed illustrations that beg to be pored over again and again

• Educational content reviewed by experts Fans of Ultimate Spotlight(TM) Permaculture will also enjoy the interactive learning of other books in the Ultimate Spotlight(TM) series, including Extraordinary Animals, Volcanoes, Polar Animals, Rain Forest Animals, Savanna Animals, Dinosaurs, Firefighters, Trains, and Astronauts.

• Great family and classroom read-aloud book

• Books for 5 and up

• Books for kindergarten and early elementary school students