One Day, So Many Ways Book

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What do snails and frogs legs really taste like?

Children are famously curious. When it comes to thinking about what other people are eating, what it would taste like to eat a snail or a frog, and what it’s like to try something new, their imaginations run riot! I have to admit, I have a fair amount of curiosity about the world and the world’s food too, and it’s something that informed my book, One Day, So Many Ways.

It’s a non-fiction book that looks at daily life around the world for children in 40 countries. It starts with waking up and leads on to eating breakfast, going to school and right through to eating dinner, going to bed and dreaming. I wanted to ask the questions — what do you eat for breakfast in Vietnam? What’s on the menu for dinner in Ireland? What is it like to eat in a yurt in Mongolia? What sort of snacks do you eat in Iceland? (Pho, fish fingers, smoky and dried fish and licorice, are the answers). Food definitely punctuates our days, and it’s something you come across every few pages in the book.