Mishky - Embroidered Bracelet - Be Happy

$ 26.00
by Mishky
Type: Jewelry

Mishky Inc. is a family-owned and operated artisan jewelry company that designs and creates unique pieces that carefully blend traditional Colombian craftsmanship with the ever changing global fashion trends and the demands of specific markets. Mishky, whose name comes from the South American Quechua Indian word Misk’i meaning “sweet” is led by Tita Navia, a mother of four and a talented designer with a background in fashion, international business and advertising. Quality and fair trade are essential to Mishky’s sourcing of materials, manufacturing practices, and customer experience. Social sustainability at our core mainly due to our training and job creation programs for single mother artisans. At Mishky we are able to respond to our customers' demands by providing unique seasonal collections with our signature Latin flair and our ongoing innovation in beading, weaving, and metalwork design. The meticulous work invested in each of our creations sets our jewelry apart and has made it available at prestigious stores worldwide including France, Spain, Chile, USA, Canada, Mexico, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. Mishky jewelry is 100% handmade in Colombia and we incorporated both in the USA and in Colombia.

Cotton yarn, Swarovski , polyester thread, Mishky gold plated logo

Beaded area width 0.3" ( 0.8 cm) Length 5.1" (13 cm)