Grandmother Remembers

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The perfect gift for any grandmother!
A keepsake that will be in your family for generations!

Grandmother Remembers is the original, bestselling keepsake book for grandmothers to record important memories, family traditions, favorite recipes, and special stories to pass along to their grandchildren. Beautifully designed with prompts to spark memory and record important moments, grandma can record the things you’ll want to know and pass on to future generations, including:

  • Our Family Tree
  • My Parents
  • I Was Born
  • As a Young Girl
  • My Engagement
  • My Wedding Day
  • My First Year of Marriage
  • Your Parent Was Born
  • Your Birth
  • Holiday Traditions
  • Family Recipes
  • And more!

What a lasting, meaningful gift to share with a granddaughter or grandson! The text moves sequentially, starting with Grandmother’s ancestry and childhood, schooling, relationships, meeting Grandpa, having their own children, and their thoughts on their grandchild. It has places for her to share, in her own handwriting, her advice, memories, wisdom, humor, recipes, and even photos.

A bestseller now for two generations of grandmothers, this charming, illustrated gift book continues to have appeal. This beautiful classic includes specially designed wrapping paper and a notecard and envelope for convenient gift-giving.

Whether Grandma lives with you or on the other side of the world, you’ll want to ensure that her memories are your memories, and that you’ll have them for the next generation and the generation after that. Some facts may surprise you. Some are sure to touch you. All will bring you closer together.